Hello World

A simple challenge where we ask the candidate to write a service that prints 'world' when a request is made at location /hello.

Nth decimal digit of Pi.

A slightly algorithmic question. We make request and location /pi with parameter 'n'. Candidate's webservice is expected to print the nth decimal digit of pi. For request /pi?n=1 should return "1", /pi?n=4 should print "5"

Print the tweet given it's Id.

When using cull.io candidates are not limited to any kind of tools or language. They can choose whatever they want. And often so, what they choose reveals a lot of how good they are. In this example we provide the twitter user id and tweet id and ask them to print back the tweet's text

Eval this

An example where we pass an expression to the candidate's web service and expected the result of the expression. For example, /eval?exp=2+2 should print 4.